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Finance Committee
• Financial Operations - Summary Diagram
• Financial Projections
Over the next 5 years, the Village, like many other municipalities, is faced with declining revenues and increasing expenses. Everyone is aware that many if not most households are subject to similar pressures.

In the case of the Village, revenue decline is attributable to severe cutbacks in the Ohio and Lake County revenue sharing programs such as the Local Government Fund, suppressed property tax income due to deflated property values, vanishing Ohio inheritance tax proceeds, and low interest rates that limit income from diminishing investment principal.

The staff has done an excellent job of holding back expense increases and even achiveing significant expense reductions through active, ongoing operations management. Nonetheless, expense increases occur in many of the categories of labor and materials needed to keep the Village operating safely and efficiently: Gasoline and diesel fuel prices, road salt, paving materials, police equipment, employee benefit costs including health insurance, etc.

A series of five meetings with the residents held over the weeks of 6/10 and 6/17/2013 have been conducted to provide up-to-date information about the Village financial status and describe the future challenges and some options for addressing these challenges. The presentation summarizing the information discussed at these meetings is available here:

Look for additional information and communications from the Mayor in the near future. Residents should not hesitate to contact the Mayor, Council representatives, or staff with questions and comments regarding the Village finances and challenges going forward:
• Message from the Finance Committee
The Finance Committee of Council, in partnership with the Mayor, the department heads, members of the Citizens Committee and the residents at large continues to study the changing revenue options, the core services and benefits deemed central to perpetuating Waite Hill quality of living, and ever more measures to increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with providing key services and benefits.

A recent letter from the Mayor relayed important information concerning the ongoing appraisal of the Village's financial condition.

The Mayor has already hosted five meetings with residents on the topic of Village finances (see Financial Projections above). As a resident, expect to have more opportunities to participate in surveys and forums over the course of 2013. As stated above, we face difficult challenges and you should expect that overcoming these challenges will be difficult, require innovative thinking, and succeed in large part depending upon citizen participation in the process.

The launch of this website in 2012 was an important step for improving the flow of information that in turn is aimed at facilitating greater residents' involvement. If you are reading this, please check back often to keep abreast of the progress. Please urge your neighbors to use the website and participate with you in investigating, discussing, planning, and adding to the process in any way you can as we attack our financial challenges with the best unity of understanding and purpose we can muster.
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