The Village of Waite Hill, Ohio
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Waite Hill Village
7215 Eagle Road
Waite Hill, Ohio 44094

Phone: (440) 942-1612
Fax: (440) 942-7567
Service Department
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• Department Overview
Left to right: James Riddle, Bob Haynik, Andy Richards, and Brian Miller.
• Mission and Duties
The goal of the Service department is to keep the Village looking beautiful, lending a helping hand when needed, and providing excellent service to the community and its residents.

Our major duties include:

• Operating vehicles such as dump trucks for
• Garbage collection
• Hauling materials, extra collections
• Snowplowing and deicing

• Maintaining, deploying, and operating equipment including
• Backhoe
• Front end loader
• Asphalt hot box
• Tractor and mowers
• Jack hammer, tamper, grass trimmer
• Cutting torches, welder, and chain saws

• Maintaining Village properties and activities including
• Roads, right-of-ways, and traffic signs
• Culverts, drainage ditches, and catch basins
• Grass areas, fields, fences, and guard rails
• Collect trash, install drainage, flag traffic, and remove trees
• Prepare gravesites, footers, headstones
• Cemetery maintenance and improvement

• Building maintenance including
• Painting
• Plumbing
• Carpentry
• Electrical work

• Department administration including
• Budget, procurement, and inventory
• Reports to the Mayor and Council
• Communicating with the residents
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